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Can CCTV Systems Record Sound?

Main Ways to Record Sound


There are two main ways to record sound from CCTV cameras. One way is analog, in which the sound input from the camera is sent to the DVR, which digitizes it. The other method is digital, in which the sound is recorded directly on the CCTV camera. The latter method is often the best choice for recording sound from CCTV cameras.

Analog recording


The best security cameras will record in both analog and digital formats. An analog camera will send a signal to a recording device, usually a digital video recorder, which will record the feed from the camera. Once the recording is complete, the system can playback the video. This type of recording is considered real-time, which is very important because it will enable you to catch any criminal in the act before it gets too far along.

An analog camera system does not require a network to transmit video. They are transmitted through coax, rather than LAN. This allows DVRs to broadcast video very efficiently, using bandwidth only when viewing the cameras. In comparison, megapixel cameras require 720Kbps of bandwidth. This will drive up the cost.

Workplace recording


If your company has installed a CCTV system, you need to have a clear workplace recording policy. Ideally, your policy will include information on what the CCTV cameras are used for and how long they will retain video data. You should also ensure that your system is registered with the ICO. Employers have the right to monitor their employees but they need to balance this with their employee’s right to privacy. This means that employers cannot use CCTV footage for other purposes than for the original purpose. However, if you must use CCTV footage for other purposes, it is important to make sure that you have a legitimate reason.



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